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What Is PMP, And Why Should You Obtain a PMP Certification in Bangladesh?

The Project Management Institute (PMI), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop the field of project management, is the provider of the most widely recognized project management certification in the world, the Project Management Professional (PMP). PMP Training exhibits project leadership experience and proficiency in managing projects in Bangladesh, with a special emphasis on predictive, agile, and hybrid techniques.

Possessing a PMP certification ensures a project manager’s professional reputation, depth of expertise, career advancement, and higher earning potential in Bangladesh. In-depth training in the practical implementation of project management techniques is another assurance of the PMP Course.

Project managers with PMP certification are employed globally and in all sectors. Power skill one is the surefire route to earning your PMP certification the first time, and skilled project managers are in high demand in Bangladesh.

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Why Obtain PMP Certification

  • The benefit of having a PMP certification is that it gives you access to a robust global ecosystem of other individuals who are actively certified, including project management professionals, affiliated groups, and subject matter experts.
  • Benefits are 20% more for PMP-certified practitioners than for non-certified ones.
  • In the US, the median compensation for PMP-certified individuals is between $111,000 and $121,000 annually.
  • For instance, 73% of respondents to a study of business process management professionals stated that they believed their compensation improved by at least 20% as a result of earning their PMP certification.
  • Up to 2027, there will be a noticeable increase in the need for PMPs due to the creation of 2.2 million new project-oriented employment annually.
  • The PMP is the project management certification that is most well regarded in North America, according to a survey by CIO Magazine.
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Advantages of PMP

  • Obtaining a PMP certification increases your knowledge and career growth options by providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Professionals who possess this credential are given advantages over those who do not. Additionally, it proves the project management skills of the qualified PMP professional.
  • Any career path must include networking, and after passing the PMP test, you’ll be a part of a global community of 1 million experts in your sector.
  • Want to boost your earning potential both now and over the course of your career? A wise choice is PMP certification.
  • Your resume can be strengthened by a PMP certification, which will increase your visibility to businesses all over the world. It will greatly strengthen your CV and make you a powerful applicant when you apply for a new job.

How To Earn PMP Certification

To obtain your PMP certification, following a series of sequential steps is essential. By following these steps, you can successfully earn your certification and advance your career in project management. These steps will guide you through the process and help ensure that you meet all of the requirements:

  • Check eligibility criteria
  • Submit your application
  • Review your application
  • Pay the exam fee
  • Schedule and prepare for the exam
  • Take the exam
  • Receive result
  • Maintain certification

PMP Certification Eligibility Requirements

  • 4-year degree.
  • 36 months of project leadership experience over the previous 8 years.
  • 35 hours of project management study or training, or CAPM® certification.

   Course length

     Three months

Salay Growth Rate With & Without PMP Certification

Based on the APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2023, project professionals have maintained an average base salary of £47,500 for five consecutive years. Despite this stability, 65% of professionals experienced a pay increase in 2022, indicating the appeal of project management as a career. The percentage of high earners (£70,000+) has increased from 20% to 22%, and the average salary for apprentices and trainees has risen by 11%.  Individuals with PMP certification have the potential to earn 16% more than those without it, based on the latest findings from Earning Power. This trend holds true across the 40 countries that were surveyed, making PMP certification a valuable asset for career growth and financial stability.


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Features Of Our PMP Certification

  • Online Training: Attend live interactive sessions from your home
  • Free Books: Access comprehensive study materials to strengthen your knowledge. Get the best book for PMP certification.
  • Mock Tests: Practice with 3000+ questions for exam readiness.
  •  700+ PP Slides: Engaging visual aids for better understanding.
  • Affordable Costs: How much does pmp certification cost? Find out the most reliable ways to obtain PMP certification without spending too much money.
  • Certificate of Completion: Showcase your achievement to employers and peers.

Benefits of PMP Certification

  • Gain global recognition
  • Master worldwide project management techniques
  • Boost career and earning potential
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What is PMP?

The PMP certification is a highly respected qualification that evaluates a person’s ability to manage all aspects of a project, including stakeholders, processes, and achieving business goals on a global level. It is important to note that the certification is recognized worldwide.

Who can do PMP certification?

It would be best if you had a degree (a bachelor’s or its equivalent globally) and at least four years of project management experience in order to be eligible for the PMP.

What are the benefits of PMP certification in 2023?

  • Universally Recognized
  • Develop New Skills
  • Improve your project management skills
  • Compared to non-certified project managers, they paid more
  • It strengthens your resume
  • It increases the project success rate as you become more organized
  • Beneficial for professional networking and growth

How will the exam be set up?

The exam will last four hours. There are 200 multiple-choice questions in the test. Only 175 questions are assessed for the exam result; the remaining 25 are regarded as pre-test questions and receive no credit.

What steps should I take to get ready for the PMP exam?

7 Strategies to be ready for the PMP test (PMP Exam tips)

  • Take on the PMBOK® Handbook.
  • Use a Reliable PMP® Prep Guide
  • Have a look at the online PMP Exam Prep practice test
  • Check out online workshops for PMP exam preparation
  • Use online PMP exam simulators
  • For PMP preparation, flashcards are essential.
  • Participate in Study Groups 

What are Professional Development Units (PDUs)?

Professionals earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) by spending an hour in learning, teaching, or volunteering related to project management activities.

How many questions is the PMP exam?

The PMP Exam is a challenging test that asks you to answer 180 questions within 230 minutes. There are four different formats for the questions, two of which were recently added. With hard work and dedication, you can conquer this exam and achieve your goals.

What are the benefits of undergoing PMP training in Dhaka for enhancing one’s career in project management?

PMP training enhances one’s knowledge of essential business competencies and emerging trends. Applying these skills to project management can lead to great success. Possessing such expertise adds significant value to a project management professional’s role within an organization.

Who is eligible to take the PMP Certification course in Dhaka?

If you’re an IT/project manager, associate project manager, project leader, project coordinator, project sponsor, or project team member who meets PMP Certification requirements, you have the opportunity to take the PMP Certification and PMP training courses in Dhaka. Start your journey towards achieving this certification today!

If I fail the PMP exam on my first attempt, when can I retake it?

Our organization, PowerSkillone, offers PMP certification training through highly qualified industry experts. If a candidate fails their first attempt at the PMP Exam, they will have three additional attempts within one year of their initial try. Prior to retaking the exam, individuals are expected to pay a re-examination fee.

Can obtaining a PMP certification lead to a higher salary?

Yes, achieving a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can lead to a significant boost in salary. This certification holds great value in the project management industry and represents a demonstrated level of expertise, aptitude, and experience in project management.

What is the required number of PDUs to maintain PMP certification?

As a dedicated PMP certification holder, it’s important to keep up with professional development units (PDUs) by accumulating 60 every three years. This ensures that you stay relevant and continuously improve your skills to excel in your career.

Which is the best project management course in Dhaka city?

Power Skill One’s PMP Training course is the perfect platform for individuals seeking to understand project management concepts. With engaging online sessions, mock tests, and expert trainers, candidates can master practical exercises to enhance their project management skills. Attending this PMP Certification training course guarantees success in passing the PMP Exam on the first attempt.

Whom Should I Speak With If I Need Additional Details Regarding the Training?

By visiting our website, you can contact us and speak with a member of our live chat support staff. Your questions will be answered by members of our customer support team. Also, you can write us at powerskillone@gmail.com with your inquiry. Dial +8801758-914228 to reach us.

Reviews From Our Students

Md. Shariful Alam Khan

Shariful Alam Khan - power skill one

Associate Manager
IT PMO, The City Bank Limited

This PMP course was really informative with real life examples which will help us to manage our projects efficiently. Our trainer has clear understanding of global practices of Project management. The trainer was helpful & supportive. Overall it was a good experience for me. I highly recommend this training who wants to pursue his/her career in Project management.



Powerskillone - PMP training

Msc in computer science,
Linclon University, Malaysia

I believe, I have learned a lot through this class. The biggest thing is that the teacher is so friendly.Because I am out of the country, I often miss classes, but if I don’t understand a topic, he always explains it very carefully.i am satisfied in this types of classes also sir.Thank you so much for helping me.


Samira Nahar



Software Quality Management
The City Bank Limited

The PMP course is very helpful for relating with our office projects also for the exam.The biggest turning point for this course is it makes the terminologies relatable with our everyday projects at work. And our instructor made it more easier with his fluent learning sessions and giving real-life scenarios as example.
Our sessions are informative and enjoyable.
I wish the best of luck to our instructor and the next joiners of the course. I would surely recommend this PMP course. A big 5 Star.


Mahmuda Sultana


Assistant Officer

The City Bank Ltd

Attending the Power Skill One PMP Training Centre was a game-changer for my career! The instructors’ expertise was evident, and their engaging teaching style kept me motivated throughout the course. The training materials provided were comprehensive and well-designed, facilitating a smooth learning experience. I highly recommend Power Skill One training centre for anyone in their PMP journey.

Kazi Tamanna

powerskillone.com- PMP training- Kazi tamanna-review


SEO, SMM, Web Design

5 star review

Power Skill One PMP Training Centre is simply outstanding! The instructors’ expertise and dedication to teaching are unparalleled, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective. The course materials are comprehensive and well-structured, covering all aspects of PMP in detail. Thanks to Power Skill One, I feel fully equipped to excel in my project management career. I wholeheartedly give them a well-deserved five-star rating!

Kartick Chandra


Associate Manager

IT Operations, The City Bank Ltd.

5 star review

I have an exceptional experience at the Power Skill One PMP Training Centre! The instructor is highly knowledgeable and adept at simplifying complex concepts, making it easy for everyone to grasp. The course structure is well-organized, and the hands-on approach through practical exercises truly enhanced my understanding. I highly recommend this training centre for anyone looking to excel in their PMP certification journey.

Kazi Imdadul Huq

Digital Banking

Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

5 star review

Power Skill One PMP Training Centre exceeded all my expectations! The trainers were not only PMP-certified professionals but also fantastic educators who made the entire learning process enjoyable. The personalized attention and constructive feedback on our mock exams were invaluable in building confidence for the actual test. Thanks to Power Skill One. Highly recommended!

Shafkatuzzaman Hridoy

powerskillone.com - pmp training-Shafkatuzzaman Hridoy-review


The City Bank Ltd.

5 star review

Power Skill One PMP Training Centre deserves every bit of its five-star rating! The trainers’ expertise and dedication are unparalleled, creating an engaging and effective learning environment. The course content is comprehensive, and the practical exercises ensure a thorough grasp of project management principles. Thanks to Power Skill One, I feel confident in my ability to lead projects with proficiency. I highly recommend this training center to anyone seeking top-notch PMP preparation.

MD Mikdadul Islam

Assistant Manager
The City Bank Limited

5 star review

Power Skill One PMP Training Centre is exceptional in every aspect! The instructors are not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive, guiding students throughout their PMP journey. The course material is well-structured and up-to-date, making complex concepts easy to understand. From start to finish, the experience was seamless. I can confidently say that Power Skill One is the best choice for anyone aspiring to become a proficient project manager. Five stars without a doubt!

Lailatul Kadry


Enterprise Architecture

IT, The City Bank Limited

5 star review

My experience with Power Skill One PMP Training Centre was nothing short of phenomenal! The instructor was experts in his field and delivered the course content in a clear and engaging manner. The training materials provided were comprehensive and up-to-date, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of PMP concepts. Thanks to Power Skill One, I have gained the confidence to take on complex projects with ease. I wholeheartedly recommend this training center to anyone pursuing a successful project management career – a definite five-star rating!

Md. Shajedul Islam Khan


Digital Banking

Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

5 star review

Highly recommended PMP training center! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, providing valuable insights to tackle the PMP exam. The comprehensive study materials, mock tests, and interactive online sessions are very well organized. A top-notch training center for aspiring project management professionals !

Tanzima Hasan


Enterprise Architecture

IT, The City Bank Ltd.

5 star review

The Power Skill One PMP Training Centre is superb! The instructor is a superb mentor who goes above and above to ensure the success of every student and is passionate about project management. The course material is organized nicely, covering every facet of the PMP with examples from the real world to help students comprehend. Five stars are well deserved for this!

Hasan Mahmud

Assistant Project Manager


5 star review

Todays demanding job market it is obvious to have an international certification like Project Management Professionals (PMP). This course has the proper context and the correct guideline from the updated PMBOK guide which helped me to be prepared for PMP certification examination. Very subjective online classes also enlighten my journey throughout the process. Flexible class schedules and recorded class materials help me to learn more conveniently.

Shaikh Ahmad Sayem

Assistant Manager

City Bank Ltd.

5 star review

I am enjoying the PMP course. The course contents are well organised and structured towards achieving PMP certification.i think this course will help me to increase my confidence to pass PMP.your technique of knowledge sharing is amazing to understand the concept of pmp.

Eaz Chisty Ayon

Assistant Manager

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

5 star review

Power Skill One PMP training center exceeded all my expectations! The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, making complex PMP concepts easy to understand. The course materials were top-notch, and the practical exercises were invaluable. I couldn’t have asked for a better training experience. Five stars! Attending Power Skill One PMP training was the best decision I made for my career.